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As a reputable business in Namibia, we at Maya Auto House specialize in bringing in high-caliber used cars from Japan. We offer a wide variety of vehicles, manage all import logistics, and offer competitive pricing with a focus on transparency, customer happiness, and a strict quality assurance process. Maya Auto House is the go-to source for superb Japanese imports for a large number of happy consumers.

We have established ourselves as the industry leader in Namibia’s automotive sector thanks to our devotion to client happiness, openness in business dealings, and pursuit of excellence.


Golf 7 Tsi (2013)

Order your Golf 7 Tsi for N$140 000 today! 70% deposit required. Order takes 30 – 60 days.

Mazda Demio (2013)

Order your Mazda Demio for N$69 000 today! 70% deposit required. Order takes 30 – 60 days.

Polo 6 Tsi (2013)

Order your Polo 6 Tsi for N$95 000 today! 70% deposit required. Order takes 30 – 60 days.

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Order your car today. 70% deposit required. 


C180 (2011) N$145 500
C180 (2012) N$160 000
CLA (2013) N$230 000
C200 (2011) N$145 900
C200 (2012) N$168 900
C200 (2013) N$210 000
C200 (2014) N$289 000
GLA 250 MATIC (2014) N$330 000
GLA 180 (2015) N$300 000


Vitz (2011) N$69 900
Vitz (2012) N$78 000
Vitz (2013) N$88 500
Vitz (2014) N$98 900
Wish (2011) N$97 000
Wish (2012) N$120 000
Wish (2013) N$140 000


A1 (2011) N$90 900
A1 (2012) N$98 500
A3 (2011) N$115 500
A3 (2012) N$135 000
A3 (2013) N$140 000
A3 (2014) N$165 000
A3 (2015) N$190 000
A4 (2013) N$165 000
A4 (2014) N$189 000


Note (2011) N$69 000
Note (2012) N$72 000


Polo 6 TSi (2013) N$105 500
Polo 6 TSi (2014) N$135 000
Polo 6 TSi (2015) N$149 000
Polo 6 GTi (2012) N$131 500
Golf 7 TSi (2013) N$140 000
Golf 6 Gti (2012) N$150 000
Golf 7 Gti (2013) N$230 000
Golf 7 Gti (2014) N$269 900
Golf 7 Gti (2015) N$290 000


CX-5 (2012) N$168 000
CX-5 (2013) N$189 600
CX-5 (2014) N$235 850

“I have travelled to Japan to verify origin of vehicles and to attend live auctions; I am registered on the Japanese live auction since 1 Jan 2020.”

- Maria Hailaula (owner)

Maya Auto House

Why Choose Us

  1. Superior Quality: We import vehicles of exceptional quality, thoroughly inspected for reliability and performance.
  2. Transparent & Trustworthy: We provide detailed vehicle histories, and our knowledgeable staff guides you through the process with honesty and integrity.
  3. Hassle-Free Import: We handle all paperwork and logistics, ensuring a seamless experience from sourcing to delivery.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Our vehicles offer excellent value, combining quality and affordability for our customers.


Maya Auto House exceeded my expectations. The car was in excellent condition, and their import process was seamless. Highly recommended!
Ms. Maria .S
Ordered a VW Polo 6 TSi (2013)
I appreciated their transparency and detailed vehicle histories, which helped me make an informed decision. The entire buying process was stress-free, thanks to their efficient handling of import logistics.
Mrs. Vicky .T
Ordered a Honda Fit Hybrid (2013)
I'm extremely satisfied with Maya Auto House. They found the exact SUV I wanted, took care of paperwork, and provided exceptional service.
Mr. Festus .K
Ordered an Audi A4 (2014)



Maya Auto House specializes in importing second-hand vehicles from Japan. Our extensive network and partnerships with trusted suppliers allow us to source high-quality vehicles from Japan’s renowned automotive market.

We have a rigorous quality assurance process in place. Each vehicle undergoes a comprehensive inspection by experienced professionals who assess the mechanical condition, interior features, and overall aesthetics. We only import vehicles with low mileage and well-maintained records to ensure superior quality.

In addition to importing vehicles, we handle all the necessary paperwork and logistics associated with the import process. We assist with shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to make the entire process hassle-free for our customers.

Yes, Maya Auto House is committed to providing competitive pricing that reflects the exceptional value of our imported vehicles. We strive to offer fair prices that align with the quality and reliability of our inventory.

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47 Kock and Schmidt Building

First Floor, Windhoek




+264 81 620 9066
+264 81 124 3964

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